vandemyse (vandemyse) wrote in canadianteens,


well, ok I just moved to Canada with my Mum and im from Australia.
No we don't ride kangaroos,
and no we dont all cary around massive knives or wrestle with alligators.

I'm 16, and we live in a small 1st Nations community /real/ far up north called Southend,
we're coming down to Saskatoon for a few days this month
and i dont know anyone and im gonna be stuck in the hotel for the weekend so please,
if you feel like being annoyed by me,
email me, post to my LJ, reply to this ... whatever.
I listen to emo music, and I'm a photographer,

aaand i have an accent .... lol this soudsn like a personals add.
anywho ... email me, message me, PLEASE!!!

<3 Claire
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