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Canadian Teens
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Date:2007-06-23 12:48

I'm in Calgary and Edmonton visiting. Any sweet places to shop? Boutiques? Rock shops? Pot shops? Let me know.

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Date:2007-03-08 17:28

I'm Sherman!!

I'm a girl!! OMGUSHH!

I'm 13...errr. I love video games!!

Anime? In love with it.

Art, drama, music, basketball, volleyball, badminton.

And way others heehee.

I just love everything :D

I'm Cantonese!!<3

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Date:2007-01-25 18:11

Hi, I'm Leigh.
I'm 15 and I live in Canada obviously.
I love music, reading, writting, art and Photography. That's really all you need to know. If you wnat to get to know me just comment or add me as a friend or whatever you like. I'm really nice and enjoy talking to people.

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Date:2006-08-21 01:40

My name is Jessica.
I'm seventeen years of age.
I'm not interested in people who are obssessed with their looks because I'm not.
I love photography. It is my passion.
I love television.
I love MSN.
I love my digital camera.

I love to review and watch movies.
If interested or any questions post comment <3<3 ♥

I was wondering if anyone is interested in a text pen pal kinda thing. My best friend has a cell phone but he hates texting. I love it. So if anyone is interested; just comment.

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Date:2006-08-21 00:55
Mood: chipper

hello im vicki and im new I'm forming a band in toronto and I need a guitarist and drummer i was wondering if anyones interested. IF you are contact me at rosepetal_167@hotmail.com or comment on my livejournal.

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Date:2006-07-27 19:10

Hey guys.
I will be visiting Nelson B.C. in 2 days and I would like to look around while I'm there. 
Any cool lolita/goth/victorian/alternative clothing stores? Anywhere I could find some friendly people to smoke a joint with? Let me know.

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Date:2006-06-07 19:50
Subject:Ottawa Bluesfest

Is there anyone here who is going to see Hawthorne Heights at Ottawa Bluesfest....it's rumored that All-American Rejects, Matchbox Romance and Yellowcard are gonna be there too
HHMMMMM......we'll see then!

It's gonna be a blast, my friends and I are gonna be so out of place omg!
haha everyone there is gonna be so emo!

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Date:2006-04-21 17:06

I will be visiting St. Johns Nfld. in a couple of days and I was wondering if any of you knew of some alternative clothing stores I should check out. (goth/lolita/punk/rock etc.)

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Date:2006-04-13 19:20


I have got a question to all of you ..

Do you know any slang expessions, vulgarisms or phrases using in Canada (especially Toronto/Ontaria area)? Are they different from American ones? Any examples?

I'll be thankful ^^

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Date:2006-04-06 23:41

well, ok I just moved to Canada with my Mum and im from Australia.
No we don't ride kangaroos,
and no we dont all cary around massive knives or wrestle with alligators.

I'm 16, and we live in a small 1st Nations community /real/ far up north called Southend,
we're coming down to Saskatoon for a few days this month
and i dont know anyone and im gonna be stuck in the hotel for the weekend so please,
if you feel like being annoyed by me,
email me, post to my LJ, reply to this ... whatever.
I listen to emo music, and I'm a photographer,

aaand i have an accent .... lol this soudsn like a personals add.
anywho ... email me, message me, PLEASE!!!

<3 Claire

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Date:2006-01-22 21:42
Subject:Speak UP when everyone is listening.
Mood: energetic

Don't. Fuck. It. Up.Collapse )

The federal election is TOMORROW. According to the polls we are on the verge of a Conservative minority/majority, but it's going to be close. YOU, yes YOU there with the the hair and the eyes and the BRAIN, have the RIGHT to say what YOU want Parliament to look like this election more so that ever.

In Australia, voting is manditory. There's a $50 fine if you don't vote. That's how important democracy is. Don't take it forgranted.

Polls open at various times around the country. If you didn't get a voter's card in the mail, bring a piece of I.D. with your address, signature, and personal info on it.

Sorry for the x-posting, but it's important.

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Date:2005-12-18 14:24
Subject:first time poster :D

hey everyone,

please visit

for original hand printed silkscreened tshirts, 1" buttons, & more!
We're a brand new store
FULLY DIY by two girls from Toronto Canada!

Shirts are 25$ Canadian!
Buttons are 1$ CAD

lookielookieCollapse )

for the rest of december we are also offering FREE shipping!


lovelovelove p0isson

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Date:2005-11-21 14:16


My name is Mark Black.I work as a researcher for the CBC program, Street Cents. We're doing a piece on Youth and Cheating (in the relationship sense, not the academic sense). We'd like to do a discussion forum
with some people aged 16-22 that are comfortable talking about cheating (cheating, being cheated on, and how to survive it) on camera in a group.
The forum will take place in Halifax during the second week of December.
It would be best if you were from Halifax or the surrounding areas in order to participate in the forum. Please do not hesitate to express your opinions on cheating if you're not able to particupate though. We are interested in what you think.

I was wondering if anyone who uses this community forum would be able to help us out either by participating themselves or by putting us in contact with people who would want to participate. I'm looking for people who have had experiences with cheating, either cheating or being cheated on, in relationships and would care to share their thoughts with us. Thanks a lot.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mark Black
Street Cents
Halifax, NS
markblackrecoveryproject@hotmail.com (msn)

Here are a few sample questions to help you out if you're interested in participating :
1. Have you cheated on someone?
2. Have you been cheated on?

If yes to ..1
1. Why?
2. What happened/aftermath?
3. Would you do it again?
4. How do you feel about cheating now?

If yes to ..2
1. What happened?
2. How did you find out?
3. Did you forgive them?
4. How do you feel about cheating?
5. How did you cope with it?

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Date:2005-10-15 15:59
Subject:Hey guys. Franz Ferdinand ticket?

I got 3 tickets, but my sister can't get off work on the date. :(
So I'm selling this, and you can buy it without ticketmaster's bullshit.
It's General Admission @ Ricoh Centre on Oct. 18th.

I'm selling for $40 (below the list price) but if that's still too much, tell me your best offer.
Franz is REALLY amazing live, so if you like them, I def. reccomend you go.
If anyone's interested, just contact me. thanks a bunch.



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Date:2005-10-01 16:28
Subject:new member.

Hey all
I've never really looked into talking to people online but I figured, why not.
I live around Toronto, Ontario
I don't have anything very specific in my info on my page thing so i'll just say,
I love hockey and music(classic rock, punk, punk rock..etc) andd..yea whatever..
If ya wanna add feel free to do so ;p

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Date:2005-09-28 01:39

 New community opened buy_and_sell

This is a community for selling things that you don't need anymore.
Or buying things that you do need.
You can also give stuff for free or exchange.
Everybody welcome to post ads.

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Date:2005-09-26 20:59

Hey fellow Canadians. Help us Winnipeggers out. We are fortunate enough to have Bad Religion and Anti Flag come here, but they are playing in a theatre.... A THEATRE! Is that not ridiculous?!?!?!?! Wannna help us change this..... I know you do.


Thx guys and gals!

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Date:2005-09-08 23:54

Hi, I'm from Winnipeg and I'm wondering if you could help me out. I am currently visiting Vancouver and wanted to know of any alternative clothing stores in the city. If you can think of any, please be specific as to where it is located because I dont know my way around the city. Thanx.

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Date:2005-08-26 23:24

I have two tickets for Paramount Canada's Wonderland each worth $56.21. They are valid until October 9th 2005. I am willing to negotiate a fair price. Please comment with offer if interested.

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Date:2005-08-09 20:31
Subject:Canadian Content

Hi Everyone ::

Just here promoting a television show that's on Bite TV called My Show with Matt Chin. Check out http://www.myshowscrazy.com & feel free to add myshowscrazy to your friends list for the latest updates on what's going on & join myshowcommunity too! Pass the word around :)


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